A fresh coat of exterior paint can be beneficial for your home, and not just for aesthetic reasons.

A new paint job can boost the resale value of your home due to the practical benefits it provides. Knowing how a new exterior paint job can protect your home’s exterior, and why it increases your home value, can help you make an informed decision about painting your house. 

What Does Exterior Paint Do?

Exterior paint fulfills a number of practical functions. Beyond making your home’s exterior look pretty, it acts as the first line of defense for your siding.

Paint will keep moisture off of your siding, making it less likely that leaks will develop and damage your insulation and interior surfaces. It prevents rotting wood, pest infestations, and other material problems that can be expensive to repair when selling your home. It also blocks out the sun’s UV rays, which can help prevent materials like vinyl from buckling or becoming damaged. 

How Does Exterior Paint Boost Resale Value?

There are two main ways that a new exterior paint job can boost your home’s resale value. The first is through simple curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look more attractive from the outside, giving the image of a well-maintained and cared for property.

This can increase the chances that a potential buyer will put an offer in on your home, and the more offers you have, the higher they are likely to be.

The other way exterior paint jobs can boost your resale value is through maintaining your siding and other external surfaces. If you paint your home on a regular basis, for example, you are more likely to notice small problems that need to be repaired before they grow serious.

Regular paint jobs will also keep moisture, rotting, and pests away, decreasing the amount of maintenance and repairs that a potential buyer will need to do. This can increase your home value at the same time. 

The last thing to note has to do with climate. If you live in a hot climate, for example, having the exterior of your home painted a light color can help keep your home cool. You can make this into a selling point by talking about the lower utility costs and increased comfort levels that a cooler home provides.

Keep in mind that the same does not necessarily apply to cold climates. While darker paints will hold onto more heat from the sun, insulation is likely to play a larger role in your utility bills than your paint job. 

Get a Professional to Paint Your Home

While you can paint your home yourself, it almost always makes more sense to hire a professional. They have the tools and expertise to do a better job than you’re likely able to — and will do it in less time as well.

If you’re thinking about applying a new coat of exterior paint to your home, you should get in touch with us.