Did you know that colors have a big influence on our mood?

If you’re having a baby soon, setting up an inviting nursery space is crucial for their comfort. Since your whole family will be spending lots of time there, it’s important to take your time designing the perfect environment.

Do you need some nursery inspiration? Keep reading for 9 gender neutral nursery colors that will make everyone fall in love.

1. Black and White Patterns

Before babies’ eyes fully develop, they can only see things with high contrast. If you want to entertain your baby, choosing a black and white layout can help them feel the most comfortable. If you add some fun patterns or shapes, they’ll have plenty to see.

2. Earth Tones

Who doesn’t feel calmed by soothing nature colors? Soft browns and rich greens make great choices for gender-neutral color schemes.

3. Light Gray

The most neutral nursery color is a light gray. Not only is this color cozy, but it gives you lots of opportunities to add fun pops of color with decorations and furniture.

4. Yellow

Yellows have championed as a classic gender-neutral color scheme for a good reason. Painting your nursery yellow will make the room cheery, warm, and inviting for you and your baby. You can go bold with a rich golden color or you can give your nursery a soft glow with a daffodil yellow.

5. Green

Green is one of the most versatile neutral nursery colors because it looks fabulous in any shade. Whether you choose a welcoming mint green or an elegant forest green, your whole family is guaranteed to fall in love with the new space.

6. Cream

If you’re ever in doubt, you can never go wrong with a basic cream or beige wall color. Since these colors act as a blank canvas, they allow you to get creative with the rest of your interior design.

7. Orange

Orange is a fresh color with lots of personality. Softer hues can transform your nursery into a sunset scene while darker hues look more modern and classy.

8. Red and Black

As your baby’s eyes develop more, the first color they’ll be able to see besides black and white is red. You can keep things simple with monochromatic reds or you can add a dramatic effect with black accents.

9. Pastel Blue

Who said that blue can’t be included on the list of gender-neutral baby room colors? Although darker blues have been associated with masculinity, lighter shades are loved by all. If you paint with a pastel blue, your baby can experience the calming effects of sky tones.

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Since you and your baby will be spending lots of time in the nursery, it’s important to make that space as inviting as possible. With these 9 gender neutral nursery colors, that special room is sure to feel cozy.

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