The colors around us have a strong psychological effect on our emotions. This means it’s extra important to pick out the right colors for the interior of your house.

Most people dismiss dark paint colors for home decor. But dark colors are the unsung heroes of paint colors. They have a sense of power and drama you can’t find within other tones or shades.

But how to use them in the right way without it overpowering the rest of your decorations?

It’s a bit of a balancing act. That’s why we’ve collected all the best tips and tricks to help you use these bold paint colors. Keep reading to find out more!

Create Contrast

When you want to bring unique interest and strength into a room, you want to create contrast. When using dark paint, this means having something else in the room to bring in a pop of brightness.

The dark color makes for a great backdrop, while the brighter color provides the contrast that brings the entire room together. Picking paint colors that contrast against your furniture is an easy way to accomplish this goal.

For example, a dark blue wall with cream-colored furniture is a beautiful use of contrast.

Pick a Bright Accent

Another way to bring contrast to your walls is to pick out a bright accent color alongside the base paint. Though that accent color should be used as little as possible to be effective.

A dark green wall with small additions of pink throughout brings out pops of color to lighten up the wall. It brings interest to the design, but still gives you the bold drama of the dark color.

Choose a Matte Finish

Choosing a paint with a matte finish is the key to a dark room done right. With such a dark color, any kind of shine catches the light far more than a lighter wall.

But that shine brings your attention to the wall and its constraints. With a dark color, shine makes the room feel much smaller.

Matte, on the other hand, tricks the eye into seeing the walls as seamless. This makes the room feel bigger without any extra effort.

Make Use of Natural Light

Whether you’re repainting an office or a bedroom, make sure to pick one with a lot of natural light. Without a lot of extra light, a dark room ends up feeling small and cramped.

But with the addition of warm natural light, your dark paint looks as spacious as any other paint color.

If you only have one window available, place a mirror on the opposite wall. This helps capture and reflect the light around the room and helps the room feel larger than it is.

Bring New Life to Your Home With Dark Paint Colors

If you’re itching for something new and exciting, then dark paint colors are the way to go. There’s nothing else that transforms a room quite like new paint on the walls.

The best part is that this kind of renovation is far cheaper than most other kinds of renovations. You get to bring a new kind of life to your home without breaking the bank.

Looking to get that dramatic effect right away? Contact us today to get started!