Paint helps your home in far more ways than making it look pretty. It protects your home from things like pests, moisture, and UV rays. These are all threats that can cause damage to your home. 

Thus, it’s important to make sure that your exterior house paint is always fairly thick. To do this, you’ll probably need to repaint your home’s exterior often.

You probably, however, don’t want to paint too frequently. This could cause you to waste paint. It’s best to wait until the paint is at the end of its lifespan. 

Read on to learn what determines the lifespan of your house’s paint. 


The weather your area experiences can wear your house’s paint down quickly. One of the biggest threats to paint is sunlight. UV rays can cause the color to fade and heat can cause the paint to start cracking. 

Do you live in an area where it’s often sunny? If so, know that you’ll probably need to perform exterior house painting sooner than some other homeowners. 

Construction Materials 

Paint lasts longer on certain types of walls than on others. If your home has stucco walls, the paint will stick to it longer. The sand, cement, and limestone that are involved in making this material all love to hold onto different kinds of paint. 

It’s a different case with wood. Paint on wooden walls will start to crack and peel off sooner. This is likely because wood likes to expand and contract as the temperature changes. 

House Painting

House painting isn’t a simple task. There are a lot of steps to follow and a lot can go wrong. Paint contractors often have to wait for ideal conditions, remove existing paint, etc. 

Some previous house painters may have failed to perform the right steps. They may have also chosen the wrong paint for the house. All these factors can cause your paint to start showing its age early. 

Signs of Age 

You may be unable to determine your paint’s past. Perhaps you’ve just moved in. In such a situation, you won’t know how your home’s exterior was painted or how much that paint has worn down. 

All you can do is look for signs of age in your paint. Older paint will be peeling, bubbling, and cracking. You can probably paint your home if you see these signs. 

Make sure that you note when you paint your home and what you do. This will help you know when you need to repaint your house later. 

Renew Your Interior and Exterior House Paint

In sum, how fast your paint ages is determined by climate, previous painting jobs, and the material of your home’s walls. If you don’t know the age of your exterior house paint, you may just want to search for normal aging signs. 

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