The ceiling of a room isn’t the first thing you see when you walk in, but it packs just as much punch as the rest of the walls. Choosing a ceiling paint color might seem low down on the to-do list, but the color you choose has the power to change the mood and attitude of any room.

It’s time to break out of your box and crack open the paint can. Your ceiling is about to get a makeover!

1. Light Blue

Just like the sky, a light blue ceiling has a way of making us feel calm, cool, and collected. No matter what room you’re in, looking up to see a pale blue ceiling instantly gives you the feeling that you’re outside in wide-open spaces. This helps any cramped area feel more expansive.

Another benefit to a light blue ceiling is the brightening effect it brings. You’ll be able to revitalize an old space simply by adding a fresh coat of paint.

2. Black

We know what you’re thinking. How is it possible to make a black ceiling look anything less than ominous? Believe it or not, black has the ability to make a room look and feel more regal and elegant.

This is particularly a good idea when you have an open concept room that you want to have a cozy feel. You can also use the dark color of the ceiling to hide any unwanted features or highlight pieces you like. As always, a black ceiling is best paired with beautiful gold features like lighting and accents.

3. Yellow

While a yellow ceiling isn’t for everyone, this color is an obvious choice if you’re looking to experiment with bright and vibrant colors. Not only are your eyes instantly drawn up, but it helps create a room full of warmth and vibrancy. All around, yellow is a happy color that instantly lifts the mood of anyone in the room.

Whether it’s in the kids’ playroom or the kitchen, your yellow ceiling will be eye-catching, daring, and a topic of conversation for months to come. Let this be the room in your home people want to be in!

4. Navy

Navy is as close as you can get to black without painting your ceiling black. If you’re looking to add an unexpected element to your room, but don’t want to dive right into the darkest color imaginable, navy is a great choice. You can combine this ceiling color with white or grey accents to make a room feel elegant and upscale.

Navy also the power to make a room feel cozy. You can use it for a large room you want to feel more intimate or a bedroom that you want to be an oasis for peace.

A Ceiling Paint Color for Every Room

A ceiling takes up about 1/6 of the area of a room, yet it receives the least attention. Your ceiling paint color might have never been anything other than white, but there’s no time like the present to put a new spin on things.

As you look at the thousands of colors you can choose from to paint your ceiling, be sure to crunch all the numbers to ensure your paint fits in the budget. Learn more about all the costs that go into painting your home.