Are you sick and tired of staring at the plain white walls in your home or business? 

Is it time for a new paint job? Why not give faux finishing a go?

Faux finishing is a technique used by a professional painter to replicate surfaces like granite, wood, and marble. You could try faux concrete for a more modern, industrial feel. Or faux barn wood for a ranch-style home.  

But what’s so great about it? Let’s check out seven reasons why your walls need a faux finish. 

1. Hides Imperfections

If you own an older home, you’ll notice the cracks and dents starting to appear on your walls. Everyday wear and tear is normal, but repairing them can get expensive.

For a cheaper option, conceal them with a faux finish. The textured finish makes it easy to hide blemishes and less likely for you to notice any new imperfections. 

2. Longer Lasting

When done right, faux finishing can last a long time and maintain its overall quality finish. Unlike a typical paint job, faux finishing never peels off and is easy to maintain.

3. Versatile

A faux finish isn’t limited to your walls. You can get a faux finish on just about any surface. There are a wide variety of faux finishes for ceilings, floors, cabinetry, and glass.

Why not transform your laminate island benchtop into a luxurious marble statement piece? 

4. Instant Tranformation

Faux finishes completely transform rooms within a short space of time. Imagine your boring white ceilings brought to life with faux Venetian plaster. Get creative and make a bold statement. 

5. Attractive to Buyers

Did you know a fresh coat of paint will not only make your home stand out but also attract buyers?

That’s right. If you’re about to sell your home, faux finishing can enhance spaces that would otherwise look bland and unappealing. Use different colors and styles for different rooms and watch the offers roll in.  

6. Easy to Maintain

Faux finish walls are easier to maintain over a longer period. Because the finishes are made with acrylic materials, they seal out dirt and grime. This also makes them easier to clean and prevents them from aging.

7. Cost-Effective

If you like expensive finishes but not the price tag, a faux finish is an affordable solution for you. Materials like marble and stone are synonymous with luxury and high-end homes. But faux marble paint will cost half the price and give you an instant touch of luxury. 

Use Faux Finishing to Make Your Home Stand Out 

Are you tempted yet? If so, it’s time to bring life back to your walls with faux finishing. 

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