When you begin an office renovation, you want your new office paint colors to stand out. It’s part of your business and even brand marketing. You want your office paint job to attract attention to potential customers while giving employees a sense of confidence while they work. 

When you choose office paint, you’ll want to work with a professional, choose a color that suits your business and something that matches your decor. You must select the right office color because you’ll likely be stuck with it for quite some time! 

Here are seven tips for choosing your office paint color that you are sure to love.

1. Choose Office Paint With a Professional 

When you choose office paint, it’s best to work with a professional. When you hire a painting contractor, they can guide you through the color process and tell you what will work best and won’t work. A professional painter will know what looks best with natural and commercial lighting. 

2. Paint Color That Suits Your Business

What’s the color scheme of your business? Is your business a rustic landscaping firm? Is it a colorful bakery?

An office paint job means choosing a color that fits your surroundings. A rustic mountain setting is excellent but won’t fit in with loud, bright colors. 

3. Decor 

What’s your decor? When considering a commercial painting job, be mindful of your office decor. Leather furniture, hardwood floors, and watercolor paintings are great but work best with muted colors. 

Many think about painting options from things they already own. Using beige tones on the wall work well if you find the color in a rug or piece of furniture. 

4. Stick With One Color Scheme

Sticking with one color scheme can help make your choice easier. Rather than having multiple colors throughout your office, you can stick with one palette. Instead of competing colors, everything will flow nicely.  

5. Use Samples

Don’t be afraid to ask for samples for your office paint job! In a commercial painting job, the supplier should give you samples before choosing a permanent color.

Your painting contractor can help with samples, too. Be sure to use the paint on a small area before deciding. 

6. Paint Psychology 

Consider the psychology of paint. Different colors have different meanings. 

While white can have a calming effect on your mood, red can excite you. Green helps people with mental illness. 

7. Lighting

Lighting can significantly affect the type of color you choose for your office paint job. 

If your office gets a lot of light, darker colors may work. A space that is not bright will likely function better with softer, dimmer colors. 

Seven Tips for Choosing Your Office Paint Color

Plenty of things go into choosing your office paint color, including working with a professional and working with a color that suits your business. It would help if you also thought about decor, sticking with one color scheme, and using samples. Don’t forget to consider paint psychology and lighting! 

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong color and regretting it. 

Contact us to help you choose the right office paint color!