More than 60 million Americans will put off painting their home. But what if you could get it done one weekend? The quicker a painting service can finish the job, the faster you can get back to normal. Many people want commercial painting services done with minimal disruptions.

You can accomplish this by discussing a timeline with the painting service and clearing the space. Painting a space in your business or home impresses clients, customers, friends, and neighbors.

Here’s more on how commercial painting services get the job done in one weekend.

Discuss a Timeline

Talk with your painting service about the necessary steps they need to take to get the painting job done quickly.

For example, they may need more than one weekend if it’s a big painting job. The painting service might also need twice as many workers to finish the job faster.

Painters might also need extra time to order paint and other supplies.

If you close your business for the weekend, you’re in luck. But what if you can’t? Can workers (and customers) move around to allow painters to work?

One of the benefits of a painting service is that this is their job! They are familiar with working around your timeline as a business owner.

Ask for a Checklist

Be sure to talk with the painting service about a checklist – whether it’s for your business or home.

Know precisely how painters plan to attack the space. Be sure they don’t miss anything and ask how you can help.

Checklists have many benefits, including keeping the staff motivated and things on track. Productivity is higher, and the project has good organization. Checklists also let you know who is delegated to each job responsibility.

Clear the Space

Work to clear the space of any hazards before the painting service arrives. Remove any expensive items (or things you don’t want to break). Taking these steps can help get painting will make less work for the paint crew and allow the work to get done faster.

Put sliders underneath the furniture. Remove switchplates, wall decor, and vents.

One of the benefits of a painting service is they will bring drop cloths to cover floors and large pieces of furniture.

Take a Weekend Trip

After hiring a painting service for your home, take a weekend trip!

Escape the house and let the painters do the job! The job will be done when you return from the beach, mountains, or your favorite destination.

Getting out of the way for a painting crew is undoubtedly one of the best ways to finish a painting job fast.

Commercial Painting Services in One Weekend

You can accomplish commercial painting services in one weekend in several ways, including discussing a timeline and creating a checklist. Also, be sure to clear the space. Take a weekend trip to be out of the way completely!

Contact us today, and let us help you with your next paint job. We can complete the task in as little as one weekend! Our skilled professionals will be in and out in no time!