Have you spent countless hours researching how to increase productivity in your office? Have you hired consultants or implemented rules to keep your employees on task? Are you looking for ways to attract new customers? 

Who knew that maybe all you have to do is change the paint color in your office or business space? Instead of bringing in motivators, maybe you should look for painting contractors. 

Do a search for “painting companies near me”, “Milwaukee painting” or “commercial painting contractors near me” to get the transformation started. What color will reflect your brand? 

Not sure if your goal is to increase work productivity or create an inviting atmosphere to bring in more customers and clients. Either way, keep reading to find out the best paint colors for your business. 

Best Paint Colors for Your Business

There is some psychology involved in choosing colors. What is your goal? Do you want to make an emotional connection with your customers? Do you want to boost the mood of your employees?

Whatever your goal, there’s a paint color for you. 

Is Blue the Most Productive Color? 

An internet search will prove the answer to this question is “Yes.” Blue is considered a good color to stimulate the mind and keep workers focused. 

Blue is also a great choice for waiting areas in a doctor or dentist office. It has a calming effect on your clients. 

St. John Blue by Benjamin Moore is a good choice as it is motivating and tranquil at the same time. Blue Echo also by Benjamin Moore is a richer blue and will inspire creativity in your staff. 

Let’s Get Physical with Red

Red is a color that will energize your employees. It is said to promote ambition and determination. It will inspire your staff into action. 

It’s recommended for offices in the construction industry or in restaurants to stimulate the appetite. 

Try Papered Lantern by Benjamin Moore. It goes well with wood furniture or black and white accents. 

Get Creative with Yellow 

We always equate yellow with happy and cheery feelings. It also promotes creativity. 

It is a great choice for a creative company like a handmade jewelry maker or artist studio, for example. 

Behr Bicycle Yellow is a great choice to boost your mood and get your creative juices flowing. 

Welcome Clients with Muted Orange

Try using a shade of muted orange like coral or peach in your reception area. It’s a welcoming color that envokes positive feelings. 

Orange is uplifting and makes people feel optimistic. 

Try Sherwin Williams Neighborly Peach in your workspace. You can always create a custom color to make it your own and one that people will associate with your brand. 

Which Color Will Work for Your Business? 

Now that you’ve seen some examples of the best paint colors for your business, you’ll be on your way to transforming your office space.

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