It looks sloppy when the paint is cracking and chipping from your commercial building. People may take their business elsewhere if they think your paint job looks old and tired. 

Mold, mildew, chipping, and fading signals hiring a commercial painter. A new paint job will make your business look bright and clean. A fresh paint job can also make your building safer and less costly to maintain in the long run. 

Here are seven signs your commercial building needs repainting. 

1. Painting Your Commercial Building When There’s Chipping and Peeling 

When the paint on your commercial building begins to chip and peel, it’s time to consider commercial painting. A commercial painter can fix all of the paint that’s cracking and peeling and give your building a fresh, new look. Chipping and peeling also leave pieces of paint all over the ground, making it messy.

2. Mold and Mildew

The unsightly look of mold and mildew on your commercial building doesn’t look good. You’ll need a professional to remove it from your building and then give it a fresh coat of paint.

Mold and mildew can be health hazards. You don’t want to expose potential customers to any danger on your property. 

3. Bubbling 

When you have paint bubbling in your walls, it’s a sign there could be water damage—the paint bubbles from the underlying surface of the wall. Sometimes the paint bubble can ‘burst,’ and it will cause even more issues. 

Professional painting can fix this problem and make it look nice and smooth. 

4. Chalking

On outdoor surfaces, chalking occurs thanks to the weather. You’ll find a powdery substance on the exterior.  

You will first have to powerwash the surface. A professional painting company may also recommend putting a primer down before the main coat of paint.

5. Tired and Worn-Out Look

Does your building have a tired and worn-out look? Maybe the paint faded, or it just looks old?

A fresh coat of paint can spruce up a place. It can make it look inviting and make people excited about working at your commercial building or coming to you as a customer.

6. Rebranding

When you go through the rebranding process, you’ll want a new color scheme. New logo!  New colors!

You’ll want your new rebranded colors to match as a relaunch to your business. 

7. Downtime 

If you’re closing your business for some downtime – whether it’s a vacation or a planned worker outage – it’s a good time for some repainting options. 

Consider this an excellent time to get the job done! Few people are in the way, and a commercial painter can get the job done quickly when few people are around.  

Seven Signs Your Commercial Building Needs Repainting

If you are unsure when your commercial building needs repainting, there are seven signs, including chipping, peeling, mold, mildew, bubbling, and chalking. When your building looks tired and worn out, or you are rebranding, it’s time to paint! Also, when there’s downtime at your business, repainting is much easier. 

Give that fresh, new look your business deserves! 

Contact us when you need repainting options for your commercial building!